Healthy Skin

Skin Disorders are one of the most common health problems in pets and can be caused by a number of different factors. This is stressful for pets but can also be stressful for owners due to seeing their fur babies in discomfort and pain. What should a pet’s skin look like? A pet’s skin should […]

Understanding Dog Food labels

 Dog Food Labels? Dog food labels can be tricky  to understand so here is a look at  how to interpret them. Also included are some of the ‘tricks’ that dog food manufacturers get up to and highlighted are the short comings of the legislation governing dog food labeling. Dry dog food has a moisture content […]

How is your dog’s weight? Is your dog Bikini ready?

  Is your dog putting on too much weight? We all love to spoil our dogs    – but do we really want to kill them with love?    Please   Don’t let your lovely pet end up like this! is this love or cruelty? HOW TO CHECK YOUR DOG’S SHAPE Stand behind your dog. Place […]

Raising Money for Operation Raleigh! 23/11/2014 2pm-4pm

Veronica Grace Bevan is raising money towards a trip to India early in 2015 with Operation Raleigh,  She joins a team of volunteers who will be working on projects to support vulnerable people.  On Sunday 23 November 2014 – 2pm-4pm – nk9d along with Michael Atherton (local author), Jayne (with her amazing cakes) lesleysnk9d aloe, aloe […]

The Quick Guide to Chippendales

Do we want our dogs to have similar attributes to the Chippendales – Sleek shiny coat? Bright Eyes? Athletic Physique?   What we really want is Dog Wellness Does your dog have a shiny coat, clean ears and bright alert eyes Does your dog eat his food with enthusiasm Is your dog always up for […]

Dog’s Rights

I found this and thought of you – what rights would your dog choose – given free choice??? To err is human, to forgive canine. A Dog’s Bill of Rights I have the right to give and receive unconditional love. I have the right to a life that is beyond mere survival. I have the […]

Read the Labels!!

Do you read the labels on your dog food? Do you really know what you are feeding your dog? Send for a goody bag now to receive a glossary of common dog food ingredients: – “beneficial“, “ok“, and “I wouldn’t give it to my dog!”   Would You???? For example EC Permitted Additives: This term covers […]

Looking for the Best Food For Your Dog – Chippendales + Lamb and Sweet Potato with Vegetables

Chippendales + Lamb and Sweet Potato with Vegetables is our fabulous new product, stuffed full of flavour and goodness for your dog’s enjoyment.  It smells wonderful – I could eat it myself! Product Description You know the combination of lamb and sweet potato is heavenly and now your best friend can too. They can experience […]

Give a dog a Kong – and stuff it!

We don’t sell the commercial products that are available for stuffing Kongs. We would rather know what our dogs are eating!!! Our tip for stuffing a kong is:- Take some of your dogs normal kibble and soak in water till soft. Add some grated cheese or peanut butter and mix. Stuff your Kong with the mixture […]