Nk9d is proud to be working with Dog Rescue Centres, helping to promote the health and well being of dogs who for whatever reason have found themselves in rescue. Dog Rescue Centres supported by nk9d

Beagle Welfare


Use voucher code BW01 if you order 1 x 12 Kg bag of any variety nk9d food (Donates £1.00 to beagle Welfare) Use voucher code BW02 if you order 2 x 12 Kg bags of any variety nk9d food (Donates £4.00 to beagle Welfare)

If you are responsible for running a Rescue Kennels then please continue reading……..

Imagine – feeding premium dog food with no more costly bills!  Do you want to know how to feed your rescue dogs premium quality dog food and consistently reduce the amount of money you spend?  With the added benefit of knowing you are giving the dogs in your care a really good quality food – at little or even no cost. In this economic climate there are more rescue dogs than ever needing care and looking to find their forever homes.  This undoubtedly puts additional strain on your resources and fund raising efforts.  Just think, what you could do with the money you currently spend on dog food.  Essentials such as vet’s bills, refurbishing your kennels, micro chipping, extra staff, toys and other goodies for the dogs and anything else you can think of! I can show you exactly how to make this happen but first I want to put you off, if I possibly can.  You see this offer is not for every Rescue Centre.  Why?  Because you will need to put some effort in to make all this happen. You will need to:

  1. Be prepared to understand the benefits of feeding good quality hypo allergenic dog food,
  2. Be prepared to talk about dog food and sell to all your staff, volunteers, clients and anyone else you come into contact with,
  3. Be open minded and think differently about how you source your dog food

So if this is not for you that’s fine and thank you for taking the time to read this. However if you do want to find out more about how to feed Premium Quality food and at the same time reduce your costs you need to act quickly.  There are limited places available on this Rescue Scheme and they are already starting to fill. Register your interest in this scheme by completing the form below and we will send you a full pack of information and samples of nk9d food.


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