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The Quick Guide to Chippendales

Do we want our dogs to have similar attributes to the Chippendales –

Sleek shiny coat?

Bright Eyes?

Athletic Physique?


What we really want is Dog Wellness

Does your dog have a shiny coat, clean ears and bright alert eyes

Does your dog eat his food with enthusiasm

Is your dog always up for a long walk or game of fetch

Is your dog settled and calm

Does your dog produce regular, inoffensive, compact, solid faeces

If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes – congratulations you have  seen through the hype, wiped the e-numbers off the menu and know exactly what your dog is eating today!

If not – and if any of the following applies –

  • If your dog is itchy & scratchy, dull and disinterested
  • Leaves his food all day – in the hope that something better will arrive
  • Stops at the door when he smells the rain
  • Bounces about and wrecks the house
  • Produces foul smelling wind, and even worse offensive, sloppy poop that you really can’t pick up successfully!

Then you need to send for a [button link=”” size=”large” style=”alert” color=”teal” window=”yes”]Goody Bag[/button]  from nk9d – break the cycle now – learn about the ingredients in your dog food – and why you and your dog need to be using our dog food!

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