Changing your dog to nk9d foods

To minimise the disruption to your dog’s digestive system we strongly recommend that you carry out the change over very slowly.  This prevents discomfort caused by intestinal upset from the change of ingredients and possibly hunger from reducing the volume of food from a less concentrated brand.

Use the feeding guide as a starting point, then once the changeover is complete, watch your dog’s shape, and the condition of his stools to fine tune the amount you feed.  With our beagles we feed about 200g per day – split between 2, or 3 feeds – it doesn’t look like a lot, but any more and we find that the weight starts to increase, (as does the volume and quality of poop).

If your dog does start to put on weight – cut down on the treats rather than on the meals – or use kibble from the daily allowance as treats.  If your dog seems to be hungry try adding a bit of grated carrot to increase the volume of the food he is eating without increasing the calories.

changing food to nk9d

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